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Configuring DigaSQL for Elasticsearch

Installation for DigaSQL.dll (Indexing)

DigaSQL.dll needs a so called ElasticIndex.dll for proper updating Elasticsearch based full-text index.

  1. Copy the ElasticIndex.dll into your local DigaSystem directory

Installation for Database Manager

  1. For searching in DBM you need also cpprest140_2_9.dll - which is of the ElasticSearch software package

Errors in DBM / Database Manager when searching in full-text index

  1. When your search fails check if the parameter |Common|DPEServiceRoot has configured the right path to your DPE system!

Solving known error message

  •  Message if DPEServiceRoot not defined at all

  • Message if DPEServiceRoot defined not correct - for example should be http://dpe was https://dpe
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