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Create initial full-text index for your tables

Verify Configuration

Make sure the shared DigaSystem parameters are set correctly, also see Configuring shared DigaSystem parameters for Elasticsearch.

Make sure Elasticsearch is enabled for the desired DigaSystem tables, also see Database/Table-configuration for Content Manager.

Check deployed software versions

It is very important that all DigaSystem components are up to date.

Otherwise your Elasticsearch index is not kept up to date, if any not well deployed component in your DigaSystem environment is not capable of updating the Elasticsearch index

  • DigaSQL.dll based modules need ElasticIndex.dll deployed to all clients and a suitable DigaSQL.dll
  • DPE ContentService must also support Elasticsearch index updates. This is the case since DPE 1.14.x
  • Ensure also that your version of Elasticsearch is supported by ElasticIndex.dll and DPE ContentSevice.

Import Workflow Templates

Import workflow template CreateFullTextIndex into DPE, also see Importing Workflow Templates.

The workflow files can be found in the distributed DPE package under the folder Workflow_Templates\ContentManager.

Trigger Workflow

There are two alternatives to trigger the workflow.

Create a ContentManager Top Menu Button

Create a ContentManager top menu button which you can use to select a table and trigger the workflow for the selected table, also see Start Workflow for an Entry.

We recommend to set an ActionRight for this button to limit access to this functionality to entitled users.

Create a Workflow Scheduler

Create a workflow scheduler for a table and trigger the workflow at a fixed time.

Configurable Workflow arguments

Workflow parameters




DeleteOldIndexSystem.BooleanDeletes Old indexes and Creates new ones. Default: True
TableIdSystem.StringTableId of the entry, for which the workflow has been created

Execute the workflow

Execution of this workflow is a one time action, as index is kept up to date by DPE ContentService and ElasticIndex.dll for DigaSQL based products.

You can at any time to re-index (using DeleteOldIndex=True ) if you see at need for it (e.g. updating Elasticsearch, ...)

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