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Parameter and subkey diction

Parameter file level

Folders and keys can be located on three different parameter file levels:

  • Global, which exist only once and defines the overall DigaSystem configuration shared across all clients / servers.
  • Local, which describes computer specific settings and
  • User, which contains user specific settings. 

Typically User settings overwrite Local settings, which overwrite Global settings. Attention: some parameters exist which behave differently!

If the parameter file level can be chosen, the parameter path is shown as e.g …|Settings| (the three dots in the beginning), that indicate the Settings subkey of any parameter level.


Means a folder in the parameter files' tree structure. Admin.exe calls them "key" and "subkey" if you create a new one below another.

Folders can have sub folder and so on.

Some folders exist that are used by multiple applications, like |Digas| or |Common|, but there are also folders for dedicated application settings like |DBM| or |ContentManager|

<...> as folder name

|<…>| defines an arbitrary folder name, which is allowed in certain places.

E.g.  |Common|Loudness|<...>| where <...> specifies the name of the Loudness set you want to configure.


Keys have a certain value and are placed within the folder hierarchy. Of course each key only has effect if is placed in the correct location within the folder tree.

Values can be from type String, Integer and Boolean. Parameters added in recent years are mainly from type String.

Admin.exe calls them "Entry" and "Registry item".

DigParam.rtf explains all available keys, DPE Parameter Management displays available folders and keys and a description of each item in the help section.


As stated before keys can and must have a value. Also, an empty string "" is a value.

If a parameter value is pointed out or recommended it will be shown as key=Value.

E.g. UserNormalTracksizing=1 means, the parameter "UseNormalTrackSizing" is (or should be) set to 1.

Parameter path

A "|" (=vertical bar) symbol is used for separating folders and showing parameter path.

If the vertical bar is displayed at the end a dedicated folder is meant, e.g. ...|DBM|Settings|Loudness| specifies the folder "Loudness" as sub-folder of "Settings", which is sub-folder of "DBM" and can be used on all file levels.

If the vertical bar is not placed at the end a folder with key is meant, e.g. ...|SingleTrack|Settings|TrackEdit specifies the key"TrackEdit" as sub-folder of "Settings", which is sub-folder of "SingelTrack" and can be used on all file levels.

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