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Analyzes an audio file and returns the technical audio format. Optionally it also returns metadata and markers from within the file.



FilePathFile path to audio

If MetadataOptions equals :

  • 0 then the Metadata and Markers are NOT read from the audio file
  • 1 then only the output parameter Metadata equals the metadata from the audio file and Markers parameter equals an empty string
  • 2 then only the output parameter Markers equals the markers from the audio file and Metadata parameter equals an empty string.
  • 3 then both are set

Note: if the MetadataOptions is set to have the markers and no marker is present then an empty xml string is returned with a UTF-16 encoding.

Supported audio formats/types for the metadata are OGG(RAW), FLAC(RAW), WAV, BWF, ID3V2.
For the markers: MusiFile, FLAC(RAW), WAV, BWF.

OptionsAudio32 option strings


FormatAudio32 section string describing technical audio format
MetadataMetadata string
MarkersXML document describing markers
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