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Configuring and starting a Workflow

Plugins pluginSceWorkflow and pluginSceWorkflowMarkers can be used to start workflows which have been supplied with the starting package or been specifically developed for the customer. These customized workflows range from file conversion to posting on Facebook. Additionally, completely customizable workflow templates can be created using the Workflow Editor and then imported. 

Importing Workflow Templates

Various workflows are required to work effectively in Subclip Editor. In order to work with different workflows, the workflow templates are to be imported to Admin. See more information about: Importing Workflow Templates.

Standard Workflows

Some standard workflow templates are provided with the Subclip Editor and numerous others can be created by the administrator with help from our support and development team.

Following table lists some standard workflow templates and plugins with which they can be triggered.

Workflow TemplatePluginFunctionality
CreateEntryFromSubclipPluginSceWorkflowCombine all selected subclips to create a single audio entry.
CreateMultipleEntriesFromSubclipsPluginSceWorkflowCreate a new entry for every selected subclip
CreateEntryFromMarkersPluginSceWorkflowMarkersCreate a new entry from set markers

Plugin configuration


pluginSceWorkflow, pluginSceWorkflowMarkers

Specifies which plugin is used.


Type: JSON formatted string

This plugin supports same configuration options as similar pluginCmWorkflow plugin.

....There are numerous general keys, which can be used to customize this top menu item. Please see Top Menu and Plugin Configuration in SCE for an extensive list of keys.

See Start Workflow for an Entry (from ContentManager) for more details about the Config property.

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