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Configuring Grids in DPE Web Applications

Configuration follows the same pattern for all grids.

In the following, [Component] is used as a placeholder for the component or page containing the grid. Examples are:

  • |ContentManager|
  • |Admin|WorkflowTemplates|
  • |Admin|WorkflowMonitor|
  • |Admin|JobMonitor|
  • |Admin|Logs|
  • |RoughcutEdit|Clips|

Configuring the Maximum Amount of Rows

Use the key |[Component]|MaxRows to configure the maximum number of rows loaded into the grid. The default value is 100.

Configuring the Columns

Default column set

If nothing has been configured in |[Component]|Columns| section on GLOBAL, LOCAL and USER level a default column set is applied.

Default column sets are available as PAR files file in the PAR_examples folder of the delivered DPE software package.

All Column set

Application areas e.g. ContentManager, JobMonitor, WorkflowMonitor and WorkflowTemplates have all available columns (for all meta-data fields) hardcoded in the Grid configuration dialog which can be added directly from the user interface.

These columns sets are also provided in the PAR_examples folders of the delivered DPE software package. PAR_examples for All Column set follow naming *_Columns_AllAsTemplate_EN.PAR, where * represents the application area.

Parameters can be imported with Admin.exe or directly from Admin-Parameters Page see Parameters Import

Adding a new column

  1. Import PAR file mentioned above into e.g. your user PAR file - as otherwise only the new column would be visible
  2. Create a new folder |[New Column]| below the folder |[Component]|Columns|
  3. Add the desired keys from the list below. See the right column of the table for all possible values.



Available Values


Binds one of the entries metadata fields to this column, e.g "Author" or "Media.length". Each metadata field can be bound to only one column.

If not mentioned otherwise this key value is defined as “[Column name]” for standard text columns.

Available Binding Values in Content Manager

CellTemplateContentThe most flexible way to customize columns uses templated HTML to insert individual functions and display custom specific values.CellTemplateContent Values
CellTemplateThis can be used to access pre-defined CellTemplateContent, e.g. CellTemplate=LoudnessEarsTemplate to display color-coded sound ears.

CellTemplates Values


The name of a pre-defined JavaScript method which converts metadata into usable values, e.g. "MsToDuration" transforms a time in ms to a time format determined in the ConverterParameter

Converter Values


Defines parameters for a Converter e.g. to convert 70000ms into 1:10min the MsToDuration converter would be used with "m" as the ConverterParameter

ConverterParameter Values


The column title in the grid.

Any string value
SortableSpecifies if a column can be used to sort the entries.True, False

Configuring the column visibility, order and width

  1. Create the key Current below the folder |[Component]|Columns|
  2. Set a value to the Current key. The value should be a comma-separated value with the column folder names located under |[Component]|Columns| with optional width as in the example below for ContentManager:
    where Group column will get a width of 48 pixels, State column will get a default width of 90 pixels. 
    Group column will appear on the leftmost position, Editor on the rightmost position.

Columns configuration changes are saved dynamically

If the user updates column configuration of a list in [Component] in any of the following ways:

  • Changing the width of the column by dragging column header border.
  • Changing the order of the column by dragging column header from one position to another.
  • Changing the visibility of columns from Grid Configuration Dialog.

then, columns configuration is saved back to the key |[Component]|Columns|Current at the USER level automatically.

In Content Manager, user can also choose to update table specific or multi-select column configurations.

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