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Custom Metadata Dialog

It is possible to define one more custom dialogues with input fields for adding metadata information.

Added text in the input fields are automatically stored in a JSON string attached to each subclip which can be viewed directly in raw editor.

Dialog Configuration

Dialogs are configured at |…|SubclipEditor|MetadataDialogs|<dialog>|.

  • Create a folder inside |…|SubclipEditor|MetadataDialogs which will contain your custom dialog settings.
  • Add following keys:

    ConfigJSON describing the dialog - see below
    DisplayIndexOrder in the drop-down list, lowest on top
    LabelName of the dialog displayed in the drop-down list, e.g. "Ad Insertion"
    EnabledTrue / False

Setting the Config Key

Config contains a list of name / value pairs, mapping metadata fields to UI Components.

Each of them can contain:

labelLabel in front of the UI component
inputCurrently, "text", "select" and "textarea" are supported
valueDefault value
optionsFor input = "select"; array of options, each containing text representation and value
rowsFor input = "textarea"; specifies the number of rows in textarea, default is 2.

Example config with input fields:

Creating a config dialog with input fields

    "adType": { "label": "Type:", "input": "text", "value": "midroll_overlay" },    
    "adCount": { "label": "Number of Ads:", "input": "text", "value": 0 }

Example config with text-area:

Creating a config dialog with text area.

    "adType": { "label": "Type:", "input": "text", "value": "midroll_overlay" },    
    "description": { "label": "Description:", "input": "textarea", "rows": 5 ,"value": "" }

Example config with static drop-down list:

Creating a config with drop-down list.

    "adType": { "label": "Type:", "input": "select", "value": "midroll_overlay",
      "options": [
        {"text": "none", "value": ""},
        {"text": "Preroll", "value": "preroll_overlay"},
        {"text": "Midroll", "value": "midroll_overlay"},
        {"text": "Postroll", "value": "postroll_overlay"}
    "adCount": { "label": "Number of Ads:", "input": "select", "value": 0,
      "options": [
        {"text": "none", "value": 0},
        {"text": "1", "value": 1},
        {"text": "2", "value": 2},
        {"text": "3", "value": 3},
        {"text": "4", "value": 4},
        {"text": "5", "value": 5}

Configuring the default Dialog

To mark a dialog as default which is pre-selected when a meta-data overlay pops up, simply set |SubclipEditor|MetadataDialogs|Default key to the name of the dialog folder.

If Default key is not defined, the first dialog opens which has the lowest DisplayIndex number.

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