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Gets entry metadata from a DigaSystem content database.

After reading the metadata into a variable you can access the metadata properties, e.g. "e.Title".



TableA DigaSystem table id, e.g. "vm-sql-digas\galileo". Often taken from workflow argument Arg_TableId.
EntryIdA DigaSystem entry id, e.g. 12345. Often taken from workflow argument Arg_EntryId.


DbEntryA variable of type David.Dpe.ContentSerivce.Entry which is used to return the entry metadata.

Also see Working With Variables


Drag and drop the activity into a workflow.

Define a result variable with name e of type David.Dpe.ContentService.Entry (also see Working With Variables). Enter the variable name e into the activity field which specifies the variable for the result.

Add a WriteLine activity to output the Title of the entry.

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