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Imports a file to a DigaSystem content table.

This is similiar to dragging and dropping a media file onto ContentManager. Default metadata is derived from the filename and extension. Optionally you can specify additional metadata.

DPE 2.x also supports specifying a FTP path (but you have to use CopyMethod=TransferFileJob)




Source file path to the file that will be added to DigaSystem.

DPE 2.x also supports specifying a FTP path but you have to use CopyMethod=TransferFileJob.

TableA DigaSystem table id, e.g. "vm-sql-digas\galileo". Often taken from workflow argument Arg_TableId.
  • None: file is not copied but referenced from the DigaSystem entry at its current location
  • FileCopy: file is copied using operating system file copy (default)
  • TransferFileJob: file is copied using UtilityProcessor (recommended for growing source files)
  • Streaming: file is uploaded to DPE
  • StreamingPartial: file is uploaded to DPE in blocks

All methods besides None copy the file to the tables media folder (therefore the file must be accessible from the workflow, i.e. being located on a share).


Optional. Dictionary<string, string> containing copy options.

Options can configure DbImportFile behavior and are also forwarded to TransferFileJob.

  • UseSmb true/false: override of UtilityProcessor module config, SMB 3.0 file copy will never be used when FTP is part of transfer or at least one transfer job has ste option UseSmb=false)
  • BufferSize (in bytes)
  • GrowingTimeout (in seconds)
  • PassiveMode true/false: FTP mode used (default:true)
MetadataEntryOptional variable of type David.Dpe.ContentService.Entry which allows to specify metadata. If not specified, metadata will be derived from filename and extension.
UpdateMasterDataIf true master data will be created when necessary, e.g. items in definitions lists, ressorts/subressorts or label and label code.
PartialBlockSizeInMbBlock size for partial streaming. Default: 4 MB


ResultingEntryIdResulting entry id (type: Int32)



  1. Drag and drop the activity into a workflow.
  2. Use a file path on a share

Additional Metadata

Edit the MetadataEntry property in the property grid:

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