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Define User / Group Rights

When editing a user or a group, a window appears which has three tabs as shown below where different actions like defining the rights/memberships can be done.

Edit User / Group Memberships

  1. When clicking on the "MEMBERSHIPS" tab, the list of all existing memberships (groups, if a user is being edited, or users if a group is being edited) appears. The number of current memberships is shown between parentheses.
  2. It is possible to apply a filter in order to find memberships faster.
  3. If a membership is checked then the option "ADD" appears above the list as shown below.

  4. One or multiple memberships can be checked and added by clicking on the "ADD" option and then saved by clicking on the "SAVE" option at the bottom.
  5. Additionally, memberships can be removed by using the "REMOVE" option.

Edit User/Group Rights in Rights Matrix

  1. Rights Matrix can be accessed via the "RIGHTS MATRIX" tab.

  2. You can select the right type from the drop-down on the right side, and optionally apply a filter name to find rights quicker.
  3. You can apply and remove rights by clicking into the respective cell.
  4. By clicking the SAVE button at the bottom, the rights are saved and the dialog closes.
Object filter nameThis search bar enables to filter the rights by object names.   
Object filter type

Next to the object names click into a column to grant or remove the corresponding right. The rights are filtered into the following types:

  • Action
  • BCS (Broadcast System in DigaSystem)
  • BUS (Broadcast Utility Server)
  • Database
  • Definition
  • Plan (Timetable in DigaSystem)
  • Registry
  • ShowPlan
  • Table (DigAS Table in DigaSystem)

Creating Right objects

  1. The "ADD OBJECT" allows you to add a new right object.

  2. Clicking it opens the following window, allowing you to define the name and type of the new object.

Removing Rights objects

  1. By selecting one or more right objects, the "DELETE OBJECT" button appears, allowing you to delete them.
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