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Dividing Audio into Seamless Segments

To segment an audio into continuous subclips, which don't have gaps between them, use the 'c' or the 'Ctrl + O' keyboard shortcut. This feature is useful when the whole audio is relevant and only needs to be separated into chapters or segments (e.g. a recording of a live interview)

Using the 'c' Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Scroll / Play to move the soundhead where you want to end your new subclip
  2. Click on the last sub clip to select it.
  3. Press 'c' to create a subclip from the end (out-marker) of selected subclip to the current soundhead position. 
  4. Scroll / Play to move the soundhead where you want to end your next subclip and press 'c' again. 
If there is no selected subclip and 'c'  is pressed, a subclip from the beginning to the soundhead position is created. 

Usage Example: Interview

For separating an interview into question and answers:

  1. Press 'c' at the end of every question or answer section.
  2. Move the answer subclips to a different layer

Now the questions and answers can be exported separately with a customized workflow.

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