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Entry Metadata Configuration and Validation

Default Values for Entry Metadata:

It is possible to set default values for some metadata fields in the Details Pane when creating a new entry/story/group. Please see Database/Table Configuration for more information.

Entry Metadata Validation

For an entry, the metadata displayed/added in the Details Pane can be validated against rules at the time of Creation/Editing an entry.

Parameters Way:

In Admin parameters we can specify which metadata fields are mandatory to be filled when creating/editing an entry/story/group in the Content Manager.



Set the key ...|Digas|Database|[dns]|[table]|EssentialFields to define which fields are mandatory to be filled by the user.

Possible Values:

  • Album
  • Author
  • Broadcast
  • BroadcastDate
  • Composer
  • Customer
  • DeleteDate
  • Distribution
  • Editor
  • GenericTitle
  • Keywords
  • Label or Carrier
  • Mediumname
  • Mediumtype
  • Motive
  • MusicID
  • Musictype
  • Performer
  • Program
  • Recordplace
  • Registration
  • Remark
  • Ressort
  • Source
  • Style
  • Subressort
  • Title

This value is evaluated by the Content Manager. Whenever someone creates a new take and does not fill the fields in the Details Pane which are listed in this value, a message box about the missing values appears and he cannot save the take.

The value is case-insensitive and accepts keywords in any order as long as they are separated with a comma (,).


Set a key inside ...|Digas|Database|[dns]|[table]|EssentialFieldsEx folder to define which fields are mandatory to be filled by the user.

Defines all fields which must be filled with values in Details Pane (that are not already available as EssentialFields). If fields are empty in Details Pane, an error message is shown and the entry cannot be stored. These fields can be regular fields or custom defined fields. Any keys in this section are the technical field names. The corresponding values are optional and arbitrary and defines alias names. An example for a custom field is "ABC/METADATA=ABC Custom MetaData Field", where 'ABC/METADATA' is the database field name and 'ABC Custom MetaData Field' the name of the field listed in the error message in case it is empty.

Template Way:

It is possible to add field specific validation in Details Pane template. The value in the field is checked against the validation condition as the user types and the user will get immediately notified if validation condition is not satisfied. Please see Validation of User Input for more information

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