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Filter Configuration

Filters can be defined to have preset search patterns and sort orders for the Content Manager entry grid. See Using filters.

  • The hard-coded default filter for the entry grid in Content Manager is set to show all entries except the soft-deleted ones.
  • The folder PAR_Examples of the DPE installation package contains some example filters in the file ContentManager_Filter_Example.PAR.

Defining a New Filter

  1. Create a new folder in | ContentManager | Filter | [New Filter title] |
  2. Add keys from the list below. The new filter appears in the Content Manager filter menu.








This number defines the position in the filter drop-down. Lower numbers appear first!.

DisplayIndex is deprecated and shall be replace by Current key



    <Field Name="Class">Audio</Field>
    <Field Name="SoftDeleted">0</Field>

Defines the filter (xml)


<sorting order>

Author Asc, CreateDate Desc

Sets the sorting order of the filtering results (e.g. “CreateDate Desc” for descending creation date order)

Label<string>Audio onlyDisplay name for the filter. If Label is not defined Folder Name is used.

Example values display only entries with class = Audio and which are not soft-delete in the ascending order of author and second order criteria CreateDate

See XmlFilter Syntax And Examples

Configuring filter order

Using Display Index

This number defines the position in the filter drop-down. Lower numbers appear first in the list. Assigning a negative value would hide the filter.

Using Current Key

Current key takes a comma separated list of filter folder names.

  1. Create the key Current inside the folder |ContentManager|Filter|
  2. Set a value to the Current key. The value should be a comma-separated value with the Filter folder names located under |ContentManager|Filter|.

  3. To mark a filter as default simply add "=Default" next to the filter name e.g. SoftDeleted, All, AudioOnly=Default, LoudnessAnalyzed.

  Here Softdeleted filter will appear first in the list, LoudnessAnalyzed in the bottom and AudioOnly will be the default filter.

Display index is ignored if filter order is specified using Current key inside |ContentManager|Filter|

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