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Introduction to SAF

SAF (Station Automation Framework) is a platform for executing, configuring and monitoring automation modules.

It implements the following basic features:

  • Same user experience for all automation modules
  • Runs as desktop application or windows service
  • Multi-instance capabilities (on various levels: SAF server, SAF modules)
  • Remotely administratable
  • Localizable
  • Online help
  • Modules have a defined programming environment providing most used functionalities (config, logging,...)
  • Extendable through extensions (= plugins)

SAF Platform Architecture

  • Client/Server architecture
  • Using .Net 4.5
  • SafAdministration.exe is used to configure and monitor the modules execution
  • SafServer.exe executes the modules business logic
  • SafImplementation.dll is a shared library for SafServer + SafAdministration
  • SafInterop.dll is a shared library offering the SAF interfaces to SAF modules
  • SafAdmin + SafServer communicate via network protocols with each other (.Net remoting)
  • SafAdmin + SafServer are module agnostic, they know almost nothing about the module but just display pages provided by the module or execute methods provided by the module.





SAF Modules & Extensions




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