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The LoudnessNormalizeJob uses the specified loudness values of an audio file and tries to match a set of target loudness values (for instance from the EBU R128 recommendation) by adjusting the Playout Gain in a non-destructive manner.

Note: it does not calculate the loudness values itself, you have to provide them, e.g. by using LoudnessAnalyzeJob before.





FilePathFull path of the audio file
IntegratedLoudnessCurrent Integrated Loudness (ILK) of the audio fileThese input values can be read from the DigaSystem content database for existing entries or provided by the LoudnessAnalyzeJob.
MaximumMomentaryLoudnessCurrent Maximum Momentary Loudness (MAXML) of the audio file
MaximumShorttermLoudnessCurrent Maximum Shortterm Loudness (MAXSL) of the audio file
LoudnessRangeCurrent Loudness Range (LRA) of the audio file
TruePeakLevelCurrent True Peak Level (DBTP) of the audio file
PlayoutGainCurrent Playout Gain of the audio fileSet to "0.0" if unknown
IntegratedLoudnessTargetTarget value for Integrated Loudness (ILK) TargetTarget values
IntegratedLoudnessToleranceTarget value for Integrated Loudness Tolerance
MaximumLoudnessRangeTarget value for Maximum Loudness Range (LRA)
MaximumAllowedMomentaryLoudnessTarget value for Maximum Momentary Loudness (MAXML) 
MaximumAllowedShorttermLoudnessTarget value for Maximum Shortterm Loudness (MAXSL) 
MaximumTruePeakLevelTarget value for True Peak Level (DBTP)
MinimumDurationForIntegratedLoudnessTarget value for Minimum Duration For Integrated LoudnessTarget value - optional




OutIntegratedLoudnessIntegrated Loudness (ILK) after normalization
OutMaximumMomentaryLoudnessMaximum Momentary Loudness (MAXML) after normalization
OutMaximumShorttermLoudnessMaximum Shortterm Loudness (MAXSL) after normalization
OutLoudnessRangeLoudness Range (LRA) after normalization
OutTruePeakLevelTrue Peak Level (DBTP) after normalization
OutGainPlayout Gain after normalization

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