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Open Audio Entries in Contextual Audio Editor (CAE)

This section is part of configuring the Top Menu, from which it is possible to Open Entries in External Applications and Start Workflows. The PluginCmCae opens the Contextual Audio Editor (CAE) with the selected audio entries or audio entries from selected groups. Since, the CAE is not part of the DPE system, it needs to be installed separately. 

Possible Config Key



Specifies which plugin is used.


URL parameters

The link opens a new tab. If a tab is already opened from Content Manager then the tab is simply focused.

CAE needs to configured accordingly to accept any incoming messages from Content Manager source.

    "Url": "...",
    "AuthMode": "DpeToken"


  • Url specifies Url of the CAE page to open.
  • Target (optional) specifies the target string or the name of the (window, iframe or tab), default: DAVID_CAE.
  • AuthMode (optional) specifies if and which authentication token should be added to URL. "DpeAccessToken" is added when Authentication server is available and used inside DPE, otherwise "DpeToken" is added for default DigaSystem authentication.
....There are numerous general keys, which can be used to customize this top menu item. Please see Top Menu and Plugin Configuration in CM for an extensive list of keys.
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