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Previewing Imported Clips, Segmented Clips and the Timeline

The previewing experience is greatly enhanced with the available keyboard shortcuts

Select the Source for Previewing

Various parts of the editing progress can be previewed in the player. Sources can be selected from either:

1. Clip Area

The video can be previewed by clicking on an imported video entry.

2. Timeline

Timeline allows to preview sources in two modes:

a) Select a video segment from the timeline.

Click on the thumbnail of the video segment.

b) Select entire timeline.

Click on the 'Timeline' sidebar or the lower timeline bar to select a starting position.

"TML" in front of audio channel selection reflects that the source being previewed is the entire timeline and not just one segment.

Preview functions

Various functionality in the preview area enhances the preview experience. 

Audio peak meter

  • Shows audio waveform on decibel scale (from -60 to 0 decibel).
  • Change the audio channel with the drop down menu.
  • Selected channels are highlighted, while inactive channels are greyed out.
  • Technical: updates every 1024 samples and shows maximum value in this range, for sinking amplitudes, there is a delay of 20 decibels/sec.

The timeline only has two channels. If a clip is added to the timeline, the selected channels will be used for the stereo output.

Marker section

  • The upper time code refers to the Mark In position,
  • the lower one to the duration of selected region.

Set In/Out Marker

  • Click to set the In and Out marker at the playhead position.

Go to In/Out Marker

  • The playhead is moved to the position of the respective marker.

Playhead section position

  • Change the position of the playhead to navigate through the audio.

Playhead position

  • Displays the timecode of the playhead position.
  • Edit position by clicking and typing in absolute or relative (+/-) values. See Time Conventions for more detail.

Play / Pause

  • Play or pause the video in real time.

Frame selection

  • Moves the playhead position by one frame.

Seconds skimming

  • Moves the playhead position by one second.

Clip Functions Menu

Add to timeline

Save as image

  • Saves current frame as a high-resolution image to the table, where the project is saved. See Creating Screenshots.

Taking screenshots is only available if the user has sufficient action rights.


  • Toggle between the video files' (Scr TC) and the RoughCut Edit's (Int TC) time code.
  • Source Timecode - Scr TC, Internal Timecode - Int TC.

Refresh Video Content

  • Loads remaining available content for growing video files.

Full Screen

  • Enlarges the preview area to full screen.

Trim mode/ Disable trim mode

  • Makes it possible to edit in and out markers of timeline segments. See Editing Clips
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