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Procedure for Configuring Standard Workflows

Some DPE WebApplications (like ContentManager and RoughCut Edit) provide a number of standard workflow templates that are bundled inside DPE installation directory. These workflows are necessary for smooth functioning of DPE application and it is recommended to have these workflows installed and running. All of these workflows are explained in their respective application where they are used.

Here we list steps which are common to all workflows:

Install Workflow server and needed Job Processors

  • Workflow Server: Responsible for executing workflows, creating workflow instances based on a schedule etc. please see installing workflow server and configuring workflow server for more information.
  • Job Processors: Depending on the type of workflow different Job Processors are required for handling specialized operations e.g. AudioProcessor is needed if the job requires analyzing an audio entry, UtilityProcessor if an entry needs to be copied across tables etc. Please see installing job processors and configuring job processors for more information.

Import the workflow template

All the standard workflow templates can be copied from DPE installation package (inside "Worflow_Templates" directory) and imported either via Workflow editor or DPE Admin.

SafAdministration Tool

Run SafAdministration.exe which can be found under the installation directory of Job Processors or Workflow server. See Introduction to SAF Administration for more information.

Run SAF Servers

Please make sure the required SAF servers (Workflow server, AudioProcessor, Utility Processor, etc.) are installed and running.

Add Execution Settings in Workflow Worker

A workflow (template) could be specifically configured in Workflow Worker where it can be assigned a quota and a polling interval. See Configuring workflow worker for more information

Start SAF Module

Start SAF module needed for the workflow if it is not already started e.g. for copyEntry workflow FileTransfer module of UtilityProcessor is needed.

See Starting and Stopping SAF Modules for more information

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