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Restricting Visibility of a Plugin to Specific Subclips in SCE

How the IsVisible works is described at Restricting Visibility of a Plugin to Specific Entries in CM.
See below examples as well as subclip properties that can be accessed with the get operator.


isVisible key value


get('durationMs') > 1000

Plugin is visible only if the duration of the subclip is higher than 1000ms

e.g. Export Podcast workflow: I as an admin want to restrain my users from creating podcasts smaller than 10sec as I otherwise ...

Subclip Properties

Only for subclips. You can access subclip properties as below by using the get operator.



get('durationMs')Returns the duration of a subclip in milliseconds
get('startPosMs')Returns the start position of a subclip in milliseconds
get('title')Returns the subclip title
get('layer')Returns the layer number of a subclip
get('owner')Returns the (user) owner of the subclip
get('comment')Returns the comment value of the subclip
Computed PropertyDescription
get('endPosMs')Returns the durationMs + startPosMs
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