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Understanding Log Information

The Main Area displays an overview of multiple logs, while the Detail Area displays the entire log information of a single log.

Open details view

  1. Select a required entry
  2. Press 'Details' in the top bar


  1. Click on the hyperlink in the message column

Log Information


This column shows the following log types:




Debug (or Verbose)

Time Created

Date and time of the log event

User NameThe affected user causing the log event

Computer Name

The affected workstation causing the log event


The affected module reporting the log event


The following categories are currently known:

  • <empty string>
  • Metric: a log message measuring performance or size
  • Sql: a log message giving details about SQL commands
  • Elasticsearch: a log message giving details about Elasticsearch commands
  • Workflow: a log message from a workflow


Description of the log event

LogSessionIdAn ID that visualizes the thread of "nested" log messages, e.g. a client component and a service called by the client component use the same LogSessionId for log messages
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