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Understanding Workflow Arguments

Workflow Arguments allow to pass information to a workflow. Each workflow (template) has a set of arguments. In general there are 3 categories of arguments:

  • Mandatory arguments
  • Trigger specific arguments
  • Additional arguments

Mandatory Arguments

All workflows must have these arguments, even if those are not used inside the workflow itself. The values for this properties are automatically set. Normally there is no need to expicitly set them.




ServiceRootAddressStringThe Service Root Address of the DPE Services.
UserStringThe DigaSystem user used to execute the workflow.
PriorityInt32Priority of the workflow. Default: 50.
CurrentWorkflowIdInt32Current workflow id.
CreatorStringOptional, WorkflowServer >= 1.8.21

Trigger-specific Arguments

These arguments are needed for proper inter-working with a specific trigger (e.g. Workflow Table Watcher, Folder Watcher or one of our application PlugIns).




Arg_TableIdStringTableId of the entry, for which the workflow has been created
Arg_EntryIdInt32EntryId of the entry, for which the workflow has been created
Arg_EventString"Created", "Renamed", "Manual", ...
Arg_FileStringPath and filename for which the workflow has been created
Arg_SubclipsStringList of marked 1...n subclip names
Arg_FrameInt32Current frame of video head, from begin of related entry
Arg_MarkInInt32currently not used
Arg_MarkOutInt32currently not used
Arg_AudioChannelRoutingStringcurrently not used

Additional Arguments

These arguments can be added for feeding the workflows business logic.

All names are allowed, using above mentioned ones and using arguments beginning with "Arg_" should be prevented.

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