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Which Workflow Editor Version To Use

When to use which version of Workflow Editor

Workflow Editor 2.x

Key features:

  • C# expressions, syntax highlighting and code completion
  • C# Script activity
  • Modern authentication
  • Context-sensitive online help


  • Requires DPE 2.x
  • Requires WorkflowServer 2.x

Workflow Editor 1.13.17

Key feature:

  • UTF Workflow Templates


  • Requires min. DPE 1.13.352.0 or newer for proper working with all Workflow Templates saved with this version
  • Requires min. WorkflowServer 1.13.24 or newer for proper execution of all Workflow Templates saved with this version
  • DPE and Workflow Server are downward compatible and can still execute non UTF Workflow Templates saved with previous Workflow Editor versions

Workflow Editor 1.13.10 - 1.13.16

Key features:

  • UI improvmements
  • Refactored Log activity


  • Requires min. Workflow Server or newer if new Log activity is used

Workflow Editor

Used otherwise

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