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Admin.exe: Enabling the History function for changes in databases

Q: Is it possible to log changes of metadata?
A: Yes. There is a special history function which can be enabled individually for any SQL or Access database.

Enabling the History function:

  1. In Admin you need to select a database below ODBC. Select from the menu: Database > Create table for change history. (German: Tabelle der Änderungshistory anlegen). (There is no option in context menu for enabling this feature!)
    This action will create an SQL table called HISTORY 
  2. The History feature can be enabled
    1. for all tables: Global/Local Settings | Digas | Settings > WriteChangeHistory = TRUE
    2. for individual tables: Global/Local Settings | Digas | Database | … | …  > WriteChangeHistory = TRUE

All actions after the initial creation of a database element are now logged in the HISTORY table. If a DBM entry is changed, a corresponding change is logged in HISTORY.

Displaying the logged History entries

A special user mask is available called DigaHistory.

  1. Copy DigaContentTabHost.dll to your DigaSystem folder.
  2. Create a new folder below your folder for user masks, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\DigaSystem\UserMasks\DigaHistory and place the file DigaHistory.dll inside this folder
  3. Go to the globa/locall parameter file and create a sub key below DBM | UserMasks. Name it e.g. DigaHistory. The name will be used as name for the tab in DBM.
  4. Add the following parameters inside this section:
    Assembly = <Path>\DigaHistory.dll
    (For example, Assembly = C:\Program Files (x86)\DigaSystem\UserMasks\DigaHistory\DigaHistory.dll) 
    Set the parameters depending on the type of database (replace all <String values> with the parameters of your configuration)

    For SQL databases:
    DSN_<DSN-Name> = Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=<Name of SQL Server>;Database=<Name of SQL database on SQL server>;uid=david;
    pwd=<Password for user david>;Trusted_Connection = FALSE

    For Microsoft Access databases:
    DSN_<DSN-Name> = Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DataSource=<Path to DigaSystem>\Database\digasloc.mdb

    Name = HistoryTab(do not change this name!)
    Number = <an integer for the new user mask that will define the order of tab appearance in the DBM Entry mask>

You will now be able to see the new user mask in the table(s) when using STRG+SHIFT+A in a DBM entry mask. You can also adjust the visibility of the History Tab as with other tabs in the ODBC | Database | Tablename | Classes section.

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