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Loudness Setup

These instructions are how to enable basic Loudness functionality in DigaSystem.

*The Audio Editors v6.5 Admin Manual (p.8) and the Loudness In DigaSystem Admin Manual have more detailed directions if you wish to make changes outside of the default values.

Verify Loudness Plugins

LVC.ocx and Loudness.dll must be present in the DigaSystem directory, and must be registered with regsrv32.

Enable Loudness

In DigaSystem Administrator under Global | Common | Loudness, add/verify that "DisableLoudness" is set to "False". If it is not there, create it by right clicking in the entry pane and adding a string value of "DisableLoudness=False". If you have a different Loudness set than the provided default, change the value of "DefaultLoudnessSet" to the name of the set you want to use, and do the same for "EditorLoudnessSet". If they are not there, create them like "DisableLoudness=False".

Add Loudness Keys to Editor

In DigaSystem Administrator under Local | $EditorName | Settings | Loudness, add these keys (right click in the entry area):

  • "CheckBoxSaveLoudnessCompliant=1"- this will add the Loudness compliant save box to the save dialog with it defaulted to checked. To have it default to unchecked, use the value "=2".
  • "ClipboardAutoLoudnessAnalysis=1"- this will enable the editor to analyze the Loudness of the clips in the clipboard. Leave it out or set it to "=0" if you do not want it to do that.

Add Action Objects

After adding those objects and verifying configuration, add these three objects under Objects | Actions (to do so, right click in the pane):

  • MTE_LoudnessMeter
  • MTE_LoudnessProcessing
  • MTE_LoudnessTrack

Enable User Rights

Enable the created rights for the users to have Loudness access under User | Rights | Actions.

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