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Setting up Speech to Text with MTE

For detailed instructions for SpeechToText configuration go here:

Simple Instructions:

  1. For a demo Speechmatics license go to– go to Sign In > click Register > then go to Account page
  2. You need the following dll`s in the same folder as your MultiTrack:
      1. cpprest141_2_10.dll
      2. SpeechmaticsInterface.dll
      3. BCGPEdit260U141.dll
  3. In your ADMIN set the parameters in the screenshots below
        • can be under Global, Local or User
        • Get User and Password from your Account
        • Make sure to encrypt the password using ADMIN
    1. if you are using a machine without a complete Digasystem install (or ADMIN) you can add the parameters mentioned below to the Multitrack.ini file (usually located in C:\ProgramData\DigaSystem\MULTITRACK)

To do Speech2Text analysis in MTE:

  1. Right click audio file in clipboard (right hand side of MTE)
  2. click the service (e.g. English) and the analysis file gets sent to Speechmatics, then sent back.
  3. Go to SingleTrack in MTE - drag the file into the main view - Go to VIEW in the menu bar and tick speech to text. 

Additional Links:

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