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Supported Relay Cards in DigaSystem with PCLService

The GPIO hardware intended for the DAVID PCLService interface use with:
DBM, MultiTrack, EasyTrack, SingleTrack, MultiCoder, TurboPlayer, DigAIRange and some legacy products.

DigaSystem support is dependant on the current availability of the hardware, as well as the appropriate driver(s) from it's manufacturer.
Each interface instance requires the purchase of a license (included with the purchase of PCL card from DAVID Systems).
Please contact DAVID System's Support Team concerning details for a particular card. 

The following is a list of DAVIDSystem PCL interfaces for PCLService to particular cards in 32 (i.e. x86) and 64 bit Operating Systems:

Adlinktech PCI-7250 / LPCIe-7250 PclAdlPci7250.dll (x86 & x64)
Adlinktech PCI-7256 PclAdlPci7256.dll (x86 & x64)
Advantech PCI-1760 PclAdv1760.dll (x86 only!)
PclAdv1760-64bit.dll (x64 only!)
Axia LiveWire GPIO PclAxiaLiveWire.dll (x86 & x64)
ICP DAS PCI-P8R8 PclIcpP8R8.dll (x86 only!)
ICP DAS PCI-P16R16 PclIcpP16R16.dll (x86 only!)
ICP DAS PISO-P16R16U, PEX-P16R16i, PEX-P8R8i PclPisoP16R16U.dll (x86 only!)
ICP DAS Universal
- (PCI-P8R8, PCI-P16R16, PISO-P16R16U, PEX-P16R16i and PEX-P8R8i)
PclIcpUniDaq.dll* (x86 & x64)
16 Bit Simulation DLL PclSimulation16.dll (x86 & x64)

* Use this DLL for ICP DAS cards on Windows x64.

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