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VII.3 DPE SAF Module Installation

Notes prior to installation:

  • It may be desirable to spread the modules across different hosts, to distribute the load and increase performance.
  • If DPE is bound to the computer name, the computer name may be used with the SAF module, also.
    • If this is not the case, or the module is on a different host which cannot access the DPE host via hostname, then the DPE host name will need to be used.
  • Use the user account dpeuser | david.
  • Be sure the modules are all set to run as services.
  1. As an example of how a DPE Module installation will look, we will be using Utility Processor. Navigate to the directory that the setup executable is located in, and run it; you will be presented with this window.
  2. Click 'next'. You will be presented with options to select which features are to be installed.
  3. The location to which everything will be installed is specified in the 'Installation Folder' tab. It will default to the Digas directory.
  4. Specify the path to DPE. Be certain to specify https in the address— the default is http. 
  5. After installation completes, the SAF installer will pop up. If it does not, navigate to the directory of the module in question and open it from there.
  6. Go to the 'Windows Service Installation' tab. Put in .\safuser, or whatever account is to be operating SAF, and its password. Click 'Install'.
  7. When you ope SAF Administrator, you will be greeted with the services currently installed on that host.
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