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Freely Move Elements Around - Main / Sub-Conversion Mode

You may freely move elements around within the same track but not from one track to another.

OTM differentiates between "main elements" and "sub elements". Sub elements are further divided into overlaid and transition elements. Typically, a transition element is a short piece of audio which is inserted between two main elements, and an overlaid element is a short piece of audio which is completely overlapped by another element.

OTM provides a special "main / sub element" flag which can be applied individually to each track. When set to "sub element", you may freely move the audio of this track around at this track. As soon as you do any changes to elements loaded to OTM, a logic applies and may convert main elements to sub elements.

Track heads now display a button which indicates whether this track contains a main or a sub element:

Track contains a main element

Track contains a sub element

Click this button to change the main/sub state. Dimmed versions of the symbols exist to indicate that clicking is not possible. By default this logic is activated and no button is shown in the control bar.

Main / Sub-Conversion Mode

Three operation modes are available to determine the main/sub state of the tracks.

When no button is shown in the control bar, the auto conversion is active in the background. As soon as you do any changes in the timeline, the automation applies. After automated conversion, you can manually adjust the main / sub state of individual tracks if required. This needs to be the last action before saving.

Configurations others than the default display the main / sub element button in the control bar..

Auto conversion is active in the background. No button appears. This is the default mode.

Auto conversion is active. Click on the toggle button to get into the manual conversion mode,

Manual conversion is active. When this button is shown, you need to click the button in the track head to convert main elements to sub ones.

If toggle button has been configured, click on the toggle button to get into the auto conversion mode.

Administrator Note

The operation mode is defined by the TransitionFlaggingMode configuration parameter. The visibility of Main and Sub buttons in the track head, is defined by the ShowMainSubButton=Always configuration parameter. The parameter needs to be set in Digas Admin.

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