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Toggle Automatic / Manual Flagging

The button in the control bar toggles between automatic and manual flagging to transition channels. In manual flagging mode only sub elements such as overlaid or transition elements can be flagged.

When you are in the toggle mode by default main / sub element buttons do not appear in the track head. The parameter "ShowMainSubButton" needs to be set to "Always" in Digas Admin to show it.

Administrator Note

Toggle automatic-manual flagging is available with TransitionFlaggingMode set to 3, or 4. When set to 3 or 4, the user can switch between manual and automatic flagging. If set to 3 initially automatic flagging is ON. If set to 4 initially automatic flagging is OFF.

Restriction on Flagging elements

First and last element loaded to OTM cannot be toggled.

The flagging state cannot be toggled if this would affect a transition that is currently not completely loaded into OTM. This is the case for the first loaded element and for the last loaded element that is a main element or a transition element and for all overlay elements that refer to that element. For more information, please have a look at Restrictions on Movement of Elements. The logic is the same. Elements which cannot be moved also cannot be routed to transition channels.

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