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Transition Flagging Recording

For OTM we have added special handling of recordings to the Transition Flagging feature. We added also the possibility to initialize some field in a new recording.

Recording Metadata

It is now possible to initialize some fields in the new recorded element to specific values. To do this the parameter "..\Extra\RecordingMetadata" has to be configured accordingly. The default value initializes the field "class" to the value "Audio". 


  1. Initialize the field "class" to the value "Live": RecordingMetadata=<class>Live</class>
  2. Initialize the field "class" to the value "News" and the field "News_Editor" to "Meier": RecordingMetadata=<class>News</class><News_Editor>Meier</NewsEditor>





This Parameter contains configurable Metadata that OTM will write for every recording (regardless of the recording mode). The format of the value is a list of XML segments.


  • The admin is responsible for setting meaningful XML values and to spell them correctly according to the BCSTechManual. E.g. setting values that are critical to the BCS System (Time_Start, etc.) doesn't make any sense.
  • The parameter values are set on element creation and can be overwritten later on by the OTM.

Recordings created by OTM:

The field "Generator" is initialized to "OTM" for recordings created by OTM. This field is than used to identify an OTM recording. There is also a new parameter ..\Extra\TransitionFlaggingRecording that influences how the OTM handles the automatic Transition Flagging.

The parameter can have 3 values:

  1. "Default": No special handling for recordings
  2. "ForceOn": The automatic handling will always set the recording to sub-element and StartOnTransitionChannel=1.
  3. "ForceOff": The automatic handling will always set Time_StartOnTransitionChannel=0.

TransitionFlaggingRecordingDefault, ForceOn, ForceOff
  • Default: The transition flagging logic respects class and length (as in release 2017.2.0)
  • ForceOn - OTM forcibly flags all recordings (identified by: Generator field equals "OTM" with Time_StartOnTransitionChannel=1. It also means recordings are always sub-elements and never main-elements.
  • ForceOff - OTM forcibly flags all recordings (identified by: Generator field equals "OTM" with Time_StartOnTransitionChannel=0
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