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Broadcast Server





  • DigaSQL.dll version 3.14.3468.0 or newer. Recommended: 3.17.3485.0


  • Once again the log output when writing to the XML files was extended. Log level 5 gives most information.


  • The file "LastSaveTime.txt" in the root directory of the XML storage is now only updated if at least one XML file was updated, too. So far this file was updated even when no XML files was written.
  • When a client makes use of recursively setting a node lock, now a lock notification

Bug fixes

  • When a day was created and filled from the day templates, no new GUIDs were created for the child nodes.

  • When a show XML file on the disk was deleted, BCS did no longer allow to open the affected day. This state remained forever. Now BCS can recreate the missing show from scratch/from the day templates.

  • SGU-4933/CCD-42062: The computation of new node IDs and GUIDs did not always work correctly. There was especially the problem that the links for relative starts were destroyed in this computation. Another problem was that a clients request to compute new IDs was not transferred to a remote BCS.

  • When deleting nodes with the flag to automatically remove referencing nodes, this did not work when sub-nodes of the specified nodes were referenced.
    is only sent with the first lock and the last unlock request.

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