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Broadcast Utility Server

BUS.exe5.9.742.1 (Patch)


  • Audio32.dll (minimum), (recommended)
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.17.3485.0 (recommended)
  • ElasticIndex (for Index Task only)

Known issues

  • Some customers reported BUS crashes on Windows Server 2012 and Server 2016 since BUS version 5.5. So far we have not been able to identify a source for this problem, because the reports are unclear and include many different code places, even places without involvement of our own code. Therefore, if you encounter any crashes, please provide us with crash reports if you have either a DigAS stack-dump file or a mini-dump (e.g. created with Procdump of the SysInternals suite). If you absolutely need to avoid BUS crashes, you need to stick to version 5.4 of BUS.

  • The new index task is not yet in a release state. You can use it for testing and if you limit it to index only a few days around the current date. If you try to index a whole BCS tree you will probably run into an out-of-memory situation.

New features

  • BUS can react now on fatal error reports from DigaSQL (something like an out-of-memory) and trigger a restart.
  • Stress test task: Slightly extended log output.
  • Export & Consistency Check Tasks: Within the field "Expression" of the settings for an export task, it is possible now to use macro functions. The same is true for the field "Conditions" of the consistency check type "Generic metadata". For more information, please see BCSTechManual chapters 7.5 and This feature will be officially available with BUS 6.0. For testing purposes, it can be activated earlier. Please contact DAVID if you are interested in testing this feature.
  • RadioADServer task: The task now handles the BookingsDeleted and BookingDeleted events. In this case, BUS will search for the elements containing the indicated BookingID’s and if they are found “today” or in the next two days, these elements will be skipped in the broadcast list.  This feature has not yet been tested! (CCDA-2039)

Bug fixes

  • The registry location of the settings of a task was no longer displayed in the settings dialogs. This was a bug since version 5.7.680.0 (the separation of BUS engine and BUS GUI).
  • Fixed a memory leak, which could occur whenever a BCS connection was closed.
  • The command line parameter “-c” did not work at all (short form of “-config”). Besides, specifying the data of a command line option after a space (e.g. “-c nameofconfig”) did not work for all possible options expecting some data.
  • Fixed the usage of an invalid socket handle in some places in the TCP/IP classes.
  • Supressed the output of WebSocket messages for new lines in the log between BUS and a remote GUI, because this output did create many useless log lines per second (some sort of recursion).


  • Replaced the used WebSocket library with an implementation based on boost::asio.
  • File check task: When the number of media directories defined via media directory profiles is too big, BUS does no longer refuse to work but instead does now create as many file copies as possible. When the limit of possible file references is reached (10), the file state remains "Accessible", an error message is printed to the log and additionally a user defined message can be set in the affected elements. (CCD-42021)

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