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Database Manager (DBM)

DBM v5.x



5.5.8097.19 (bug fix only)




  • DBM requires Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (Download “vcredist_x86.exe” at
  • It is recommended to deploy also XceedZip.dll, delivered together with DBM, as this DLL is needed for *.entry file export/import.
  • It is recommended to use DigaSQL.dll 3.17.3485.0
  • It is required to use MultiRec 4.7.302.0
  • It is required to use DigaRTF.ocx
  • It is required to use Loudness Visualization Control (lvc.ocx)
  • It is recommended to use DigaContentTabHost.dll
  • It is recommended to use OtmControl.ocx 2.4.686.4 or newer
  • Using Elasticsearch based full-text index requires installation of ElasticIndex.dll and relies on proper configured DPE ContentService
  • Receiving message from DPE MessageService requires connection to the DPE backend
New Features
  • Embellished meta data mask
    • Buttons on the right side have been moved to a more intuitive place
    • Some buttons have been replaced by an image
    • Ease of use by disabling buttons if their functionality is not avail
    • Guiding users by having tooltips for all buttons
    • Loudness Meter gets an improved look and shows now tooltips for its buttons
    • Change quickly between meta data mask tabs by using Ctrl+Tab accelerator
    • Clear indication of Default button "Ok"
    • Flags indicate now is user is allowed to change them, if not they are displayed greyed out
    • CCD-41907 + CCD-42208 - If screen height is limited a more narrowed meta data mask and MultiRec UI is displayed
  • UI Themes
  • Ease of use & Accessibility
    • CCD-41919 - A "New Story" button has been added to the toolbar, right beside new group
    • CCD-42064 - Copy group dialog has been improved
    • CCD-42303 - Mini player closes when clicking outside mini player
    • Groups dialog accessibility
    • Default class for new groups and stories can be defined independent from non-group items
  • Group & Story
    • New context menu item "Wrap into Story" beside "Wrap into group"
    • Group types "Container", "Work" and "Stack" have been fully removed and are deprecated
  • Annoying message, when importing non audio items can be configure away by adding |DBM|FileTypes|Data key specifying extension getting class Unknown and not being analyzed further
  • 3rd party licenses are now part of a separate folder in build output
  • DBM checks now also LVC Version and disable it if too old
  • DBM can now delete files by change date/time - see
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons in e.g. settings dialog are not flickering anymore on hover
  • Rounding of duration value in grid has been improved (0.5 is now 1 and not 0)
  • More reliable keyboard control in "Columns Settings" dialog
  • CCD-42044 - New parameter  CacheDefinitions for improving DBM speed
  • CCD-42125 - DigaRTF toolbar is now always visible, old parameter |DBM|RTFEdit|FormatBarVisible is ignored in newer DBMs
Fixed issues
  • CCD-41969 - Markers are not saved, when set via shortcut in entry mask

  • CCD-42042 - DigaText not available in context menu for entries without RTF file
  • CCD-42053 - Import entry not available initially in main menu
  • CCD-42068 - When closing the entry mask, wrong status is reported to .NET Custom Masks
  • CCD-42079 - Audio analysis crashes on certain corrupted BWF file
  • CCD-42082 - Repaint problem when hiding Selection Buttons and group pane is open

  • CCD-42083 - Weak UX of mini player

  • CCD-42095 - Initial focus for input field should be on "title" field in file transfer mask, as in the past

  • CCD-42125 - Ensure that DigaRTF toolbar is always visible

  • CCD-42129 - Bring back "Esc" as shortcut for recording
  • CCD-42136 - Solve "Named Pipe" troubles, and create test versions with extended logs, if needed 
  • CCD-42156 - Solve problems with dark-mode
  • CCD-42232 - Paint issue in StoryConnect mask
  • CCD-42257 - Bring back all previously supported shortcuts
  • CCD-42267 - Pressing Logout-button in the Login-dialog gives error messages 

  • STT-6172 - "Configure Selection Button" dialog is not UI scheme aware
  • STT-6238 - "Medium Detail" and "Marker/Subclip" dialogs are not UI Scheme aware
  • STT-6239 - Visual glitch in "Group Members" pane
  • STT-6244 - DBM Freezes when Configure Selection Buttons Dialog closed with OK

  • STT-6264 - StoryConnect Mask: Missing shortcut Alt+Left in the "targets" list

  • STT-6276 - Cannot open context menu of group member via keyboard

  • STT-6278 - Screen Reader (e.g. JAWS) is not notified when entry mask is closed

  • STT-6281 - Error when pressing "record" accelerator when recording isn't possible

  • STT-6409 - Crash of DBM while importing a Long Entry File

  • STT-6460 - Keys assigned as accelerators don't work in edit fields

New MultiRec features
  • Improved look for supporting embellished meta data mask
  • Tooltips for buttons
  • CCD-41907 + CCD-42208 - If screen height is limited a more narrowed meta data mask and MultiRec UI is displayed
Fixed MultiRec issues
  • CCD-40577 - New MultiRec parameter UseExtended24BitRecording for not losing audio quality when recording MPEG Layer 2 audio from a 24-bit PCM source
  • CCD-42079 - Audio analysis crashes on certain corrupted BWF file
  • CCD-42100 - Giant bogus log files + audio dropouts, when recording 24bit audio
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