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For Release 2021.1.0, we are extending value to our DigaCare customers in a number of ways:


  • Color preview in Parameters Management Services App.
  • Adjust the UI theme according your needs by adjusting UI theme of DPE WebApplications
  • Out of the box dark color scheme for DPE WebApplications
  • Users can configure their UI as they want, by adjusting visible columns, width and order. Including an easy option to remove their adjustments.

Content Management

  • Content Manager
    • HiRes pre-listen for better quality and getting rid of LoRes creation
    • User can now create / adjust table specific and multi-table entry list, by selecting visible columns, width and order
    • User can also easily remove his adjustments on button press
  • Database Manager
    • Ease of use and improved UX by embellished meta data mask
    • A lot of UX and accessibility improvements

Media Production Audio

  • HiRes pre-listen also in Subclip Editor for better quality and getting rid of LoRes creation
  • Localized settings and accelerators in audio editors
  • Improved user experience in Content Manager integrated workflows

Workflow Framework

  • Adjust Job Processor and Workflow Worker quotas via Web UI (SAF Monitor)
  • Performance improvements by allowing duplicate workflows
  • Stability enhancements on Service backend

Planning, Publishing, and Playout

  • Several significant UX enhancements, including "DPI Awareness", updated icons, and improved UIScheme/Theme functionality
  • Stability and performance improvements
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