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Removing obsolete music markers

Reminder from last Release


Older versions of Database Manager (DBM) stored music marker values in two metadata locations:

  • as entry properties and
  • as a special type of subclip (with subclip types 'MarkIn_1', 'MarkOut_1', 'LinkIn_1', 'LinkOut_1', 'FadeIn_1', 'FadeOut_1', 'Intro_1', 'Intro2_1', 'Outro_1', 'Outro2_1', 'HookIn_1', 'HookOut_1')

These special subclips are obsolete and should be deleted.

Cleaning SQL database server

You can find example scripts for different SQL database servers at for getting rid of theses special subclips

Cleaning MS Access database tool

As scripting is not possible for MS Access databases we provide following tool





see Release 2020.2.0
New Features
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