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TurboPlayer.exe5.9.2371.4 (Patch)


  • BCS 5.9.379.1 (recommended)
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.17.3485.0 (recommended)
  • MultiRec_4.ocx 4.7.302.0 (recommended)
  • OTMControl.ocx 2.5.703.0 (recommended)
  • DigaRTF.ocx
  • DigaStory.ocx
  • Audio32.dll

New Features

  • A new parameter has been introduced: "TurboPlayer\Lines\...\PreStartOpDelay". It is applied when a pre-start operation (like setting the signal processing) must be done but the fader itself is already open. (If the fader must be opened the old parameter OpenDelayActive still applies.) (CCD-41932)
  • A new parameter has been introduced: "TurboPlayer\MakeSnapshotOnResyncToBCS". With it you can prevent that TurboPlayer always creates a snapshot when it reconnects to BCS and overwrites a rundown list.) (CCD-41755)
  • There are new settings for the jingle groups (combo box and tabs) to display the media directory profiles behind the jingle group name. (CCD-42021)
  • All the popup windows in TurboPlayer can now correctly handle multiple scaling factors when needed and redraws custom controls accordingly. This was the last missing issue concerning dpi awareness per monitor in TurboPlayer.
  • Many windows now can handle individual scaling factors (e.g. the ones managed by the windows selection control, the main settings dialog, the rundown list settings dialog, settings dialogs for jingles, settings dialog for players, settings dialogs for time info windows, among many others), so that they can be moved to a monitor with a different zoom configuration and act independently of the main dialog. Notice that the internal controls like OTM and CFM aren’t adjusted automatically, because they are supposed to handle dpi awareness themselves like it was done for DigaRTF and DigaStory. The changes here affect only the surrounding windows, as well as their buttons/controls.
  • Implemented the possibility to define your own functions within macros. Implemented the new macro command TP_ForNodesDo. For more information, please see TurboPlayerTechManual chapter 4.5. Both new features will officially be available with TurboPlayer 6.0. For testing purposes, they can be activated earlier. Please contact DAVID if you are interested in testing these features. (CCD-41606)
  • The macro command TP_ControlRecording was extended. It is possible now to continue a paused recording by sending the command "continue" via SOAP to MultiCoder. This feature requires a TIOMultiCoder.dll version or newer. (SGU-5105/CCD-42383)
  • Attention: the following three features are a preliminary implementation. They will be available with TurboPlayer version 6.0. For testing purposes, they can be activated earlier. Please contact DAVID if you are interested in testing these features. For more details, please see TurboPlayer TechManual chapters 1.4.2, 2.2, 7 and the parameter documentation in DigParam.rtf.
    • Available configurations can be defined with subkeys below "TurboPlayer\Configurations" instead of only in values. This allows to specify more parameters.
    • Saving of parameter changes to the registry can be disabled with a new setting. (CCD-42009)
    • New command line arguments allow to specify parameters for the connection of a GUI with the engine. (CCD-42009)

Fixed issues

  • A lot of issues were handled specially for the case where TurboPlayer is used with the main monitor having zoom greater than 100%. Besides there were also issues when the splash screen would change monitors during initialization, causing the application to start in a wrong way. Additionally, the functions to adjust the interface elements automatically were also fixed, which also had problems related to the same issue.
  • After undocking any window managed by the window selection control (e.g. OTM/CFM, DigaRTF, DigaStory, etc) it was not possible to immediately resize this window in the top border, just after clicking on the title bar.
  • If the parameter list of a macro command contained an empty string, this was not correctly transferred to other modules (to GUI or IO modules). (CCD-41809)
  • The background of the trashcan icon was not being correctly drawn if an image was set as background for the main window. Besides, when changing the background color (without an image), the new color would only be applied after a restart from TP.
  • When resolution changes during execution of TurboPlayer the “Screen resolution change” dialog would be shown even if the setting to don’t show this dialog was checked.
  • Buttons “1”, “2” and “M”, as well as the title for loaded elements in CFM/OTM window was not dpi aware.
  • Reading parameters from local registry primarily and from global registry as a fallback was revisited and corrected in some places.
  • When the engine connection parameters for the GUI are wrong, the GUI displays the settings dialog for the engine addresses during startup. Though the correct addresses were entered then, the connection to the engine could not be established but an error message was displayed.


  • Replaced the used WebSocket library with an implementation based on boost::asio.
  • The checkboxes of the distribution endpoints combo box are now dpi aware.
  • With some operations around CFM/OTM the user could accidentally trigger to load a different content into CFM/OTM. The appearing message box did not allow to cancel this load operation. Therefore, now only a hint is printed in the message box that the user first has to either save or clear CFM/OTM, but the new load operation is not performed. (CCD-41980)

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