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TurboPlayer Service



TurboPlayerWrapper.dll (5.10.2387.0)

New Features

  • New message type: JingleGroupChanged
  • "Ping-pong" message with UserData field
  • Support "voice chat" features (WSS access; SendCustomGUIMessage)
  • Enable use of EmbeddedStartMode
  • File with example parameters renamed to "TurboPlayerService template.par", to avoid accidental overwrites
  • Improved "default" values in example parameters
  • New functions for SyncStartMode and RemoteTurboConnectionState
  • Load more shows in TurboPlayer in FreeShowList mode


  • WebTurboPlayer auto-login did not work at initial start
  • GetHealthStatus not received
  • WebTurboPlayer Class icons are not shown after a while
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