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  • BCSService.exe 3.3.305.0 (or higher), EAO 1.0.590.0, DPE 2.1.51 (or higher)

New features

  • General

    • [SGU-4836]: Limit network requests for speaker data
    • [SGU-4820]: Check if configured program name does exist in BCS Service
    • [SGU-4693]: In meta-data mask position Save / Cancel buttons above form, to make them visible all the time, without having to scroll
    • [SGU-4025]: Field to set speaker of show or element in meta-data mask
  • Scheduling

    • [SGU-4322]: DeleteEntry key shortcut to delete selected entry/entries from the rundown
    • [SGU-4588]: Creating nodes from the toolbar via shortcut
    • [SGU-4844]: ScheduleEntryLast key shortcut to schedule a MiniCM entry at the end of the rundown
    • [SGU-4899]: ScheduleEntryFirst key shortcut to schedule a MiniCM entry at the beginning of the rundown
  • Text Editing Component

    • [SGU-4960]: Use default line height on paste from clipboard
    • [SGU-4960]: Replace image by line-break on paste from clipboard
  • UX and UI improvements

    • [SGU-4823]: Implemented new UI scheme
    • [SGU-4295]: Improved UX of error message if RTF lock cannot be obtained
    • [SGU-4960]: Re-arrange toolbar of RTF editor to match new UX design
    • Add proper error messages if no configuration for Scheduling views was found

Fixed issues

  • Fix duplicate loading of all data on initial start-up (improves performance)
  • [SGU-4765]: Display BCSS Version without prior user login
  • [SGU-4616]: Placeholder was removed even if its replacement was prohibited by the "acceptOnlyReady" setting
  • [SGU-4923]: (Shortcuts): editEntry does not set focus in meta-data mask
  • [SGU-4928]: (Shortcuts): execute shortcuts on selected track
  • [SGU-5001]: Calculation of Text_Duration without actual user input
  • Shortcut "scheduleEntryFirst" respects acceptOnlyReady and shows notifications accordingly
  • Fix an error on logout which prevented the user from logging out immediately
  • [SGU-5008 & SGU-4927]: Correctly wait for changes to moved / dropped nodes

Note: All credentials have been removed from the configuration. The following parameters have become obsolete. WebDigAIRange now uses the user's credentials in a token-based authentication.
- AutoLogin\username
- AutoLogin\password
- ParameterService\username
- ParameterService\password
- ContentService\username
- ContentService\password

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