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  • TurboPlayerService.exe or newer

New features

  • [SGU-4745] WTP: Dismiss Context Menu by Escape key

Fixed issues

  • [SGU-4879]: WTP: Rundown menu doesn't always close with left click outside
  • [SGU-4975]: WTP: Alignment issue when rundown is not wide enough to have many columns
  • [SGU-4859]: WTP: CCDA-2200 - Cancel button for color editor should work as expected
  • [SGU-4915]: WTP: After some playing's in a "large" show the next element is not green anymore
  • [SGU-4916]: WTP: After reload in a "large" show a Sent element is shown as OnAir
  • [SGU-4934]: WTP: Rundown column "Has RTF text" always empty
  • [SGU-4851]: WTP: after some playing's the red line of not red anymore
  • [SGU-4846]: WTP: Rundown List / Color mismatch between "send/skiped" elements and "not yet preloaded" elements
  • [SGU-4806]: WTP: Reset WTP player on reconnect to TurboPlayer
  • [SGU-4800]: WTP: "performerAuthorEditor" not updated properly
  • [SGU-4779]: WTP: with show interval 1,2 the following shows are displayed with a big gap and no show title is displayed
  • [SGU-4803]: WTP: Stop button of player doesn't really stop the sound in browser
  • [SGU-4801] WTP: EAO ruler should not be displayed in player waveform
  • [SGU-4775] WTP: CCDA-2108 - Artist not visible like in TP
  • [SGU-4600] WTP: CCDA-1580 - WTP display of "Error in TP connection" and "TP is connected"
  • [SGU-4752] WTP: Static text w/enabled parser shows input twice


  • [SGU-4848]: WTP: made primary mouse click in show rundown close existing customized context menu for elements if any
  • [SGU-4848]: WTP: disabled default browser context menu where the customized context menu for elements does not cover in show rundown
  • [SGU-4848]: WTP: "no available actions" needs to be removed in show rundown- not proper working in LAWO VisTool with touch / or other touch devices
  • [SGU-4731]: WTP: Disable Instant Feedback on Removing Instant Feedback Button
  • [SGU-4731]: WTP: Do Not Auto-Enable Instant Feedback on Send
  • [SGU-4744] WTP: CCDA-1956 - WTP [Connection Mode], not warning if playing


  • added a Gray-out mask when disconnected from TP
  • distinguished connection messages for TPS and TP
  • made all notifications auto-clear for usages on touch screens better
  • updated EAO library to version 1.0.627.0

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