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Audio Editors incl. MultiRec

Audio Editors v7.8

7.8.1714.9 (bug fixes only)
7.8.1714.9 (bug fixes only)
7.8.1714.9 (bug fixes only)
Dependencies (recommended versions) @a user 
  • MultiRec_4 (4.8.302.0) required by all audio editors
  • LoudnessDLL.dll ( optional for loudness workflows
  • LVC.ocx ( optional for loudness workflows
  • MteDefaultCustomMask.dll ( optional for integration with Content Manager

  • DigaContentTabHost.dll ( optional for integration with Content Manager

  • DigaXmlTransformer ( optional for EDL export with XSL transformation
  • BCGPEdit260U141.dll ( optional for Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on)
  • SpeechmaticsInterface.dll ( optional for Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on)
  • TIOEmberPlus.dll ( optional for remote controlling MTE with Ember+.
  • AAFCOAPI.dll ( optional for AAF Export (Handover to ProTools) 
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package

  • Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on) is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing and an integration with a transcription provider! Currently supported: Speechmatics API v2.0
  • Ember+ integration is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing.

  • AAF Export (Handover to ProTools) is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing.
  • The Audio Editors have been tested with the Advantech PCIE-1760-AE relay card on Windows 10. This combination is working fine and is supported.
New Features
  • MTE has been migrated to VS2019 development environment
  • General
    • Markers can be set during recording in MultiTrack Screen
    • Pan Law Compensation yields expected results (matching Loudness) when using mono audio sources
  • DPE Integration
    • Support RWW when downloading files via DPE
    • Support AudioTemplates when exporting from MTE via ContentService
  • UX
    • Improved visibility of Selection in Overview Track
    • Improved visibility of sound head in STE Overview
  • EDL
    • Persist URL Filenames
    • CustomData Property on Track and Clipboard Objects

Fixed Issues
  • CCDA-2452 - Window for saving/load projects is too wide when having a very long title
  • CCDA-2611 - MTE Clip Selection behaves strange when a new Clip is dragged in the Timeline
  • CCDA-2655, CCD-42602 - MTE: Automatic loudness analysis doesn't run, when audio is loaded via certain DPE interfaces
  • STT-6900 - MTE: Hangs in drag state
  • CCDA-2736 - Plugins windows opening when separate function is executed
  • CCDA-2659 - Loudness Gain Adjustment
  • CCD-42732 - MTE: Remove (or Deactivate) all remaining support for License Service
  • CCDA-2848 - Shortcut "Trigger autosave manually" only available on MultiTrack screen
New MultiRec Features
  • Migrated to Visual Studio 2019
  • Support for growing files when using Audio Editor in DPE context
  • Increase/decrease volume by 3dB when converting stereo ↔ mono (requires parameter "MultiRecUseMonoToStereoPanLaw"
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