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ComponentMin. Version
Audio32.dll2.12.221.0 (as minimum, part of release 2019.2)



.NET 4.8

Known issues

  • Recommendation to all customers. For already existed BCSS configurations reduce parameter FileHandlingResultKeepTime in "Service" section from 60000 (old default value) to 5000 to avoid out of memory. New BCSS versions set it to 5000 in new configurations by default
  • If client locked BCS node and then unexpected terminated (e.g. killed in Task Manager) locked node will be unlocked only after client inactivity connection timeout is exceeded
  • Full name in DigaSystem must be always filled and be unique by every user. Otherwise isn't possible to set properly speaker & speaking speed in broadcast list

New features

  • API
    • SGU-4025 -  Change Speaker for show 
    • Locks counter for file locks
    • Support changing RTF via PostNode & PutNode requests with content in JSON QuillDelta format
    • Update only changed BCS metadata after new speech length computation
    • Empty speaker in PutSpeaker request reset the speaker and speech factor to default values
    • Provide PutCopyNodeWithMedia request
    • New parameter to skip update notifications from internal initiated BCS metadata changes for UpdateNode request
    • Send changed RTF in update node notifications if RTf was changed with PutNode request
    • SGU-5265 - Provide DeleteDay request
    • Use current WebSocket connection identifier to send file handling task notifications
    • Unify transactionId parameter names in all requests. Followed request are affected
      • PutAudioFile
      • PutNode
      • PostNode
      • DeleteNode
      • DeleteBlock
      • PutCopyNode
      • PutCopyNodeWithMedia
      • PutCopyShow
      • PostDatabaseElement
      • PostElement
      • PostGroup
      • PutRtfFile
      • PostShow
      • PutSpeaker
      • PostStory
    • Request result included into file handling notification with information about finished task
    • Send notifications to clients if notification was initiated on higher level as notified node
    • Send notifications to clients if notification was initiated on higher level as notified node only with affected BCS metadata
    • Support sublevels in BCS metadata if notification was initiated on higher level as notified node only with affected BCS metadata
  • Others
    • More clear error message about unlocking non-locked file in DeleteLockWithRtfFile request
    • Compatibility with BUS Copy/Convert task
    • Improvement file handling log
    • Return human readable error message if user has not enough rights by changing BCS metadata during file handling
    • More log information about scanned database tables
    • Compatibility with more strict path processing rules after .NET security update

Bug fixes

  • PutSpeaker use database name instead full name
  • SGU-5253 - Update file state for BCS node with primary text file after changing the RTF content
  • Properly import DefaultAudio parameter from parameter file

  • Set properly speech factor for database users without full name
  • Return properly progress & error messages for file handling task with multiple nodes
  • SGU-5397 - Calculate loudness state for metadata from BCS notifications. Warning! This solution could be unperformable, we seek your feedback

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