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Broadcast Utility Server

BUS.exe5.10.753.1 (Patch)


  • Audio32.dll (minimum), (recommended)
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.17.3485.0 (recommended)
  • ElasticIndex (for Index Task only)

Known issues

  • Some customers reported BUS crashes on Windows Server 2012 and Server 2016 since BUS version 5.5. So far we have not been able to identify a source for this problem, because the reports are unclear and include many different code places, even places without involvement of our own code. Therefore, if you encounter any crashes, please provide us with crash reports if you have either a DigAS stack-dump file or a mini-dump (e.g. created with Procdump of the SysInternals suite). If you absolutely need to avoid BUS crashes, you need to stick to version 5.4 of BUS.

  • The new index task is not yet in a release state. You can use it for testing and if you limit it to index only a few days around the current date. If you try to index a whole BCS tree you will probably run into an out-of-memory situation.

New features

  • RadioADServer  task:  Extended  the  log  output.  Before  and  after  each  call  to  the NativeRASAdapter.dll a log output is made if debug logging for the task has been activated.
  • RadioADServer task: If connecting to the configured RadioADServer URI fails, an additional connect attempt via standard Windows TCP/IP functions is tried for debugging purposes. This is only done if debug logging is active.


  • CCD-42601 - Export task / Import task: In build 738 a change was made that remote-link information of shows and tracks was removed, because these fields could make problems when being re-imported. This change was reverted, the PD_REMOTE fields are now present in exports again. Instead, these fields are removed now during the import.

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