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Browser Bridge

Browser Bridge 2.x

Please update DPE BrowserBridge or older soon, as all previous versions will stop working at , as the built in certificate will expire.



DPE BrowserBridge

  • Requires a Content Manager (DPE-inside) with version 2.4.301.0 or (see Content Manager)
  • Runs on Mac OS X and on Windows 10 (requires .Net 4.8)
New Features
  • Certificate part of Browser Bridge has been added to a separate proxy executable
  • Browser Bridge checks during startup if a newer certificate is available via a DAVID provided update server.
    If yes, new Proxy version with new certificate is downloaded and used when starting next time
  • A new certificate has been added (see Warning hint above)
  • Setups for Mac and Windows have been adapted accordingly
  • Build Server for Mac OS X version has been updated to latest version
Fixed Issues
  • CCD-42605 - SignalR connection between Content Manager and BrowserBridge is broken after 20 minutes

Browser Bridge 1.x

Be aware that DPE 1.x and all related modules are EOL (= End Of Life) now and that none of them are supported by DAVID anymore.

You can find the initial EOP / EOL announcement in Release 2019.2.0 product life cycle.



DPE BrowserBridge as of Release 2019.2.0

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