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Database Manager (DBM)

DBM v5.x



5.6.8154.12 (bug fix only)




  • DBM requires Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 (Download “vcredist_x86.exe” at
  • It is recommended to deploy also XceedZip.dll, delivered together with DBM, as this DLL is needed for *.entry file export/import.
  • It is recommended to use DigaSQL.dll 3.18.3489.0
  • It is required to use MultiRec 4.8.320.0
  • It is required to use DigaRTF.ocx
  • It is required to use Loudness Visualization Control (lvc.ocx)
  • It is recommended to use DigaContentTabHost.dll
  • It is recommended to use OtmControl.ocx
  • Using Elasticsearch based full-text index requires installation of ElasticIndex.dll and relies on proper configured DPE ContentService
  • Receiving message from DPE MessageService requires connection to the DPE backend
New Features
  • DBM has been migrated to VS2019 development environment
  • Ember+
    • Basic support for playback control via Ember+ devices, including basic settings dialog
  • UX features
    • CCD-41838 - it is now possible to copy meta data from one entry to another

    • CCD-41839 - Flag position can be now configured also for custom flags, see DBM|FlagPos parameter
    • CCD-42444 - New shortcuts for OTM Save
    • CCD-42536 - Direct visible button within meta data mask is now configurable
    • CCD-42604 - New parameter DBM|LoudnessGainAdjustmentDisabled for disabling Loudness gain adjustment
    • CCD-42641 - New Shortcuts for "Save and go to next / previous entry" when being in metadata mask
    • CCD-42643 - Next and previous entry buttons in entry mask suppress now "Save", if current user has not the right to save for current table
    • Table area has now a quick filter
      • CCD-42794+CCD-42837+CCD-42449 - Table search field must be case-insensitive also for non-ASCII characters
    • The "check mark" icon used for the "ready to send" flag is a bit thicker now
    • Metadata mask has now an OTM icon beside Audio editor icons in bottom left area
    • Tooltips of the "group members" pane have been improved
    • Edit Control has now a proper Focus indication
    • Improved Drag & Drop from multi-table-search result list
  • Shortcuts
    • New shortcuts for Group Members Actions
    • New shortcut and context Menu Item for Adding an Item to a Group
    • Shortcuts are now Enabled, even when Read-only Edit is focused
  • Accessibility / Screen Reader usage
    • Improved for Next/Prev buttons in Entry Mask
    • Improved for other buttons in Entry Mask
  • DPI awareness
    • Improved handling when working with multiple monitors with different DPI settings, e.g. avoiding draw artefacts in the "Filter" Tab control
Fixed issues
  • CCD-40440 - Meta data mask for subclips, filters subclips accidentally
  • CCD-42219 - Fix selection behavior in the context of "KeepSelection=TRUE" and varying "DefinitionToolbar" settings
  • CCD-42219 + CCD-42582 - Search text not cleared, when selecting "All" in Selection Tree
  • CCD-42259 - D&D entry above table does not change mouse pointer, when using left hander mouse config
  • CCD-42555 - LoudnessMeterInitiallyActive did not work
  • CCD-42584 - Shortcut "set marker" and some others work again
  • CCD-42815 - DBM crashes when editing definitions
  • STT-6661 - Localization: If an entry is already member of a group, German localization was missing
  • STT-6752 - Suppress error message, when trying to update metadata in a BWF file, which is still in recording
  • STT-6849 - Valid Callback called, but has no effect
  • STT-6983 - Error Messages and App Crash without LVC and LoudnessDLL
New MultiRec Features
  • Migrated to Visual Studio 2019
  • STT-6766 Improved keyboard focus handling and look for player buttons
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