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DigAIRange.exe5.10.847.7 (Patch)


  • BCS 5.9.380.1 (recommended)
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.17.3485.0 (recommended)
  • MultiRec_4.ocx 4.7.302.0 (recommended)
  • OTMControl.ocx 2.5.703.0 (recommended)
  • DigaRTF.ocx
  • DigaContentTabHost (of Release 2020.2)

Fixed issues 

  • SGU-5159 - Wrong parameter name: DigAIRange\Crossfade\AudoDuckAmplification. This is corrected now with the next change of this parameter to AutoDuckAmplification.
  • CCD-42626 - The dialog, which appears when you try to copy or move elements with a fixed start, which does not fit for the insert position, had some test data in it. This is a bug since version 5.10.831.0.
  •  When  column  settings  in  one  of  the  rundown  lists  are  changed,  these  settings  are automatically  synchronized  with  all  open  lists  of  the  same  type.  This  did  not  work  for  rundown windows, which had not been opened for the first time when the synchronization was done.
  •  Fixed a drawing issue with the mixer source column in the rundown view.
  •  When a media type was given within the specification of a mixer source, changing to this mixer source in the context menu of a rundown window did not work, because DigAIRange tried to store the media type name in the field for the mixer source.
  • In operations which insert new nodes into a BCS (e.g. importing shows or copying nodes from place to another) an internal routine can compute new node IDs. This routine did not obey that for some nodes types the ID is fixed. This is a new bug since version 5.9.837.0 and it only happens, if DigAIRange is connected to a BCS version 5.2.310.0 of 2016-12-05 or older. For a newer BCS the computation is done in BCS and you need a fix in BCS (->5.9.379.1). 
  • CCD-42486 - When  the  user  changed  the  start  mode  of  an  element  in  a  backward-floating  sequence, DigAIRange  automatically  assigned  a  start  type  "FixedStart".  This  was  in  contradiction  to  the existing on-air start type "BackwardFloating" and could later disturb the time computation of BCS.
  • SGU-5155 - When a user without write right to the local registry opened the settings dialog/tab OTM, did not change anything and clicked OK, a message box from DigaSQL appeared about the missing write rights.
  • When  the  setting  to  save  the  column  settings  was  active  for  a  user  and  the  user  only changed the width of one or more columns but did not add or remove columns, the changes were not saved. 
  • CCD-42731 - When selecting the window “show user  masks” in the lower  multi-view  of DigAIRange, it was necessary to once click on one of the tab headers to make a user mask visible. Otherwise, only an empty view was being displayed.
  • CCD-42738 - It seems that Windows creates GUIDs sometimes with upper case letters and sometimes with lower case letters (sometimes even mixed ones). This did create problems when comparing these GUIDs – e.g. for the reference of relative starts. Therefore, the comparison of GUIDs was changed to be case-insensitive.
  • After a long time of usage and/or DigAIRange handling many BCS notifications it could happen that DigAIRange could no longer load anything from the resources (images, strings, dialogs, menues). This could result in these type of resources not working anymore or only partially. Or some strange warnings and error messages could pop up. In addition drawing the icons took much longer than necessary, resulting in a tenacious display of the rundown view. This was a bug since version 5.7.765.0.


  • CCD-42625 - The manage dialog allows now  to create  nodes (e.g. shows) with a  name, which does already  exist.  Reason  is  that  it  was  already  possible  to  rename  an  existing  node  to  an  already existing name. Now the behaviour is consistent. (For creating user names for personal pools, the check is still active.)
  • In  build 805 a change was made that remote-link information  of shows and tracks was removed,  because  these  fields  could  make  problems  when  being  re-imported.  This  change  was reverted,  the  PD_REMOTE  fields  are  now  present  in  exports  again.  Instead,  these  fields  are removed now during the import.
  • CCDA-2734 - The default for the width of columns in the rundown view was no longer sufficient for the current default font “Segoe UI Regular 11”. Therefore, the default width has been increased for all columns.

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