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For Release 2021.2.0, we are extending value to our DigaCare customers in a number of ways:


  • Making live of Admins easier by improving UX of Management Services
  • Use DPE dark UI scheme without any configuration effort
  • More stress resistant DPE Services due to improved Deadlock handling

Content Management

  • Quick-filter for finding your table faster (in DBM and CM)
  • Content Manager
    • Define if your users listen to HiRes or LoRes
    • Simplified search with syntax completion / suggestion feature
  • Database Manager
    • Copy meta data form one entry to another
    • Use Ember+ for controlling DBM

Media Production Audio

  • Define if your Subclip Editor users listen to HiRes or LoRes

Workflow Framework

  • Configure Workflow Folder Watcher via the web based SAF Monitor
  • Reduce maintenance of your workflows by using new released PreProductionAudio Workflow for adding LoRes, Waveform, SpeechToText Transcript and/or Loudness meta data to an entry

Planning, Publishing, and Playout


  • Select/Copy/Paste of Elements in Scheduling is possible (also true for multiple selection)
  • Improved RTF editor with new defaults for Scheduling 
  • Possible to change speaker in Scheduling 
  • Improved UX for Planning 
    • improved rundown view
    • better notifications - loading indicator
    • auto - scroll to current show in Calendar 
  • Mini CM in Scheduling is auto refreshed 
  • Improved accessibility with more shortcuts 


  • Brand new read-only Presentation text view (RTF-view) with Zooming functionality 
  • Supports basic keyboard shortcuts 
  • Improve rundown & setting view 
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