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TurboPlayer.exe5.10.2391.0 (Patch)


  • BCS 5.9.380.1 (recommended)
  • DigaSQL.dll 3.17.3485.0 (recommended)
  • MultiRec_4.ocx 4.7.302.0 (recommended)
  • OTMControl.ocx 2.5.703.0 (recommended)
  • DigaRTF.ocx
  • DigaContentTabHost (of Release 2020.2)
  • DigaStory.ocx
  • Audio32.dll

New Features

  • SGU-5269 - There is a new parameter: "TurboPlayer\Configurations\DialogTimeout". It can be used to configure the time how long the dialog for selecting a configuration is displayed at startup. 
  • A new “CPU watchdog” was introduced. It is intended for debugging and measures, whether its thread can obtain CPU processing time. It needs to be activated with the registry value “TurboPlayer\CPUWatchdogWarnTime. This is the time in milliseconds, after which the watchdog writes a warning to the log when it did not get a CPU computing slot for the specified time.
  • CCD-42754 - When an element is restarted after a pause, TurboPlayer does now update the assumed real stop time and duration. In addition, it is possible now to trigger the function TP_UpdateStarttimes (or the corresponding button) when there are only pausing elements. In this case TurboPlayer will adjust the real stop time/duration of the paused elements. 

Fixed issues

  • CCD-42413 - When prelisten via MultiPlayer was started in the GUI while another element was just being prelistened and when the mixer console did react very slowly on the SetPFL commands, the PFL state for the prelisten line was wrongly switched off when starting the second element.
  • CCD-42513 - The management of the three window types "Text", "Infotext" and "DigaMessage" (which are all the possible DigaRTF windows) had 2 problems: (1) It was not possible to configure only an Infotext window but no Text window. (2) When deactivating a certain type in the little toolbar window for switching these windows, the deactivated text window was removed from the surface but the settings were not deleted from the registry. 
  • CCD-42616 - The macro processor did not handle procedure calls by writing the pure name of the procedure without following parenthesis correctly. This was a new bug since version 5.10.2387.0.
  • CCD-42572 - A wrong insert notification (with error message in DigaStory) was sent to DigaStory if the fill mode was "follow the cursor/next" and a single element was inserted into a rundown, which did so far not contain a single element or story.
  • SGU-4403 - It was not possible to select group and story lines in the rundown view with the macro command TP_Selection by specifying the node ID. Aside of this problem, it was not possible to select lines past of the current show. And TurboPlayer did not open parent groups/stories if the selected line was an element in a sub-story or a story within a group.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the routine in the GUI, which draws the waveform in the player window. 
  • SGU-4403 - When the user changed the start mode of an element in a backward-floating sequence, TurboPlayer automatically assigned a start type "FixedStart". This was in contradiction to the existing on-air start type "BackwardFloating" and could later disturb the time computation of BCS.
  • Changing the BCS to which TurboPlayer is connected with the general settings dialog while keeping TurboPlayer running did not work correctly. TurboPlayer connected to the new BCS but did not load content from the new BCS.
  • When a GUI requested full info, no message for the state of elements, which are prepared to a channel was sent out. 
  • CCD-42634 - TurboPlayerGUI did not take the restrictions from parameters in MediaDirectoriesToIgnore and MediaDirectoriesToUse into account. This affected all types of GUI prelistening and waveform computation. Hint: a complete solution has not yet been achieved, because OnAIR TrackMixer evaluates the files to be used himself. Therefore, a change in OTM will be necessary, too.
  • CCD-42678 - TurboPlayerGUI did always remove an underscore as last character in the log filename for CFM/OTM before setting this parameter in CFM/OTM. Now the underscore is kept. But have in mind that OTM will still append the current date with this format: "-YYYYMMDD".
  • CCD-42738 - It seems that Windows creates GUIDs sometimes with upper case letters and sometimes with lower case letters (sometimes even mixed ones). This did create problems when comparing these GUIDs – e.g. for the reference of relative starts. Therefore, the comparison of GUIDs was changed to be case-insensitive.
  • It was not possible to drop new elements as first element into a group or story if the existing first element of the group/story had an info text, which was displayed (according to the settings) above the element line.
  • CCD-42722 - It was not possible to replace elements in the jingles window with a drag&drop operation while holding the "Alt" key pressed.
  • When replacing elements in a rundown with a drag&drop operation while holding the "Alt" key pressed, in some cases no correct file handling (analysis&copying) was done.
  • Fixed some minor problems reported from static coded analysis.


  • When starting up TurboPlayerGUI sets the own rundown cursor to an element (typically the <next> or the first one in the rundown). The implemented logic for a GUI with engine and a pure GUI was different (for an unknown reason). This was changed. Now both variants use the same logic.
  • The parameter introduced in version 5.10.2388.0 to prevent the saving of GUI settings was moved within the registry hierarchy. It is now: "TurboPlayer\GUI\SaveGUISettings".
  • CCD-42601 - When importing BCS-XML data via import button, the fields PD_REMOTE_... are removed now.

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