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  • BCSService.exe 3.5.338.0 (or higher), DPE 2.4.301.0 (or higher)

New features


  • SGU-4641 - Automatically open Calendar after successful login
  • SGU-4641 - Prevent navigation to Calendar on reload
  • Settings
    • Remove outdated rtfURL parameter from settings.json
    • SGU-5399 - Make ContentService\\defaultTable case-insensitive

Calendar View

  • SGU-4634 - Calendar view: Scroll to the current time
  • SGU-5047 - previous- / nextShow shortcuts to navigate to the previous/next show
  • New Shortcuts: focusNavigation, focusCurrentDate, focusCurrentShow, editShow
  • Loading indicator

Scheduling View

  • SGU-4370 - Select/Copy/Paste of Elements in Scheduling is possible (also true for multiple selection)
  • SGU-5273 - Loading indicator
  • SGU-5065 - Speaker information to Groups and Stories
  • SGU-4662 - Add nested elements from template
  • SGU-5283 - When pasting RTF text, force text color to black
  • miniCM
    • SGU-4983 - Auto-refresh for miniCM
      "ContentService\\refreshInterval": 15 (default is 15 seconds)
    • Add Display icons in "ready" and "perfect" columns in miniCM
  • Speaker Speed
    • SGU-5158 - Recalculate speech duration on every change to text or speaker selection
    • SGU-4972, SGU-5065 - Display default speaker factor in speaker selection

Fixed issues

  • internal bug fixes

Note: All credentials have been removed from the configuration. The following parameters have become obsolete. WebDigAIRange now uses the user's credentials in a token-based authentication.
- AutoLogin\username
- AutoLogin\password
- ParameterService\username
- ParameterService\password
- ContentService\username
- ContentService\password

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