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  • TurboPlayerService.exe or newer

New features

  • SGU-5410 - Allow local line-height configuration for Presentation text
  • SGU-5409 - Respect line-height setting from WDA
  • SGU-5200 - Support basic keyboard shortcuts in WTP
  • SGU-5073 - Zoom controls for RTF text view
  • SGU-4385 - Display the RTF Text (Moderationstext/Presentationtext)
    • REMARK: It needs BCSS as the RTF Text source. (Future versions will use TPS as RTF Text source)

Fixed issues

  • SGU-1510 - Showlist is emptied when a new show is created in DA
  • SGU-2306 - List of shows is not updated on a change in BCS
  • SGU-4695 - Error when Adding User Control on Edit Page
  • CCD-42583 - PFL start/stop in WTPgui, make player graphic disappear
  • SGU-4974 - Unable to drag the scrollbar to scroll if any single word in Info text is very long
  • SGU-5071 - In edit mode "Stop Time" in "Order Columns" section appears twice


  • SGU-5368 - Expected Word Wrap in Text View 
  • SGU-5281 - Use .keyCode instead of .key and .code to solve Y/Z issue of keyboard shortcut representation
  • SGU-5229 - Have more reasonable default order of the rundown columns

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