Audio Editors v7.9

Dependencies (recommended versions)
  • MultiRec_4 (4.8.322.0) required by all audio editors
  • LoudnessDLL.dll ( optional for loudness workflows
  • LVC.ocx ( optional for loudness workflows
  • MteDefaultCustomMask.dll ( optional for integration with Content Manager

  • DigaContentTabHost.dll ( optional for integration with Content Manager

  • DigaXmlTransformer ( optional for EDL export with XSL transformation
  • BCGPEdit260U141.dll ( optional for Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on)
  • SpeechmaticsInterface.dll ( optional for Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on)
  • TIOEmberPlus.dll ( optional for remote controlling MTE with Ember+.
  • AAFCOAPI.dll ( optional for AAF Export (Handover to ProTools) 
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Package

  • Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on) is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing and an integration with a transcription provider! Currently supported: Speechmatics API v2.0
  • Ember+ integration is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing.

  • AAF Export (Handover to ProTools) is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing.
  • The Audio Editors have been tested with the Advantech PCIE-1760-AE relay card on Windows 10. This combination is working fine and is supported.
New Features
  • CCD-41636 - Configurable "drop rate" of True Peak indicator; new parameter "Loudness|LVC_TP_DecayRate"
  • OIA-922 - Export S2T and EDL file to 3rd-party database; new parameters "Settings|DDEReceiveS2T" and "Settings|DDEReceiveEDL"
Fixed Issues
  • CCD-41591 - Track Settings should have the same arrangement in MTE, ETE and STE
  • CCD-41591 - Wrong label for "Zoom" in German UI
  • CCD-41591 - In the zoom buttons, show minutes and seconds
  • CCD-41910 - Slightly improved error handling, when saving of a project fails
  • CCD-42111 - Short flickering, when Scrub Bar is enabled on STS
  • CCD-42682, CCD-42755 - MTE hangs, when clicking File menu during playback
  • CCD-42757 - Markout values are always 0
  • CCD-42840 - Saving Extended as "MP3" freezes MTE
  • CCD-42845 - MTE crashed when trying to load a specific project file
  • CCD-42848 - When reading parameter "Volume/InputType", the options "MIC" and "LINE" were reversed
  • CCD-42959 - Fix button usage for left hander mouse
  • CCD-43051 - Entries in MTE clipboard have order different from DBM
  • CCD-43009, CCD-43068 - ETE: Mute is in wrong state after Undo
  • CCD-43009, CCD-43070 - Saved normalized track has a different waveform than the original element
  • CCD-43009, CCD-43069 - No gap in clipboard with "Settings|ShowTypeTextInClipboard=0"
  • CCD-43071 - Effect over dropmode will change dropmode when effect is clicked